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Couples Therapy

"Our capacity for intimacy is built on deep respect, a presence that allows what is true to express itself, to be discovered. Intimacy can arise in any moment; it is an act of surrender, a gift that excludes nothing."

Jack Kornfeld

I work with couples in all stages of relationships. Premarital counseling can be extremely helpful in reinforcing positive communication skills and exploring common areas of conflict. In premarital counseling we work on developing a strong base of trust so that if issues do come up, couples are better able to cope with them.

Couples in long term relationships can grow apart or end up feeling stuck in unsatisfying roles. Emotional issues may have been unexpressed for years. Couples can avoid communicating about their feelings because their experience has been that issues don't get resolved and they would rather keep the peace. When we avoid communicating over time intimacy is diminished. Or couples can get stuck fighting in ineffective ways. Often couples with children need help learning how to support each other and parent more effectively together.

Relationship problems can be more safely talked about with the presence of a compassionate other. Intimacy and trust issues, jealousy, addiction issues, depression, anxiety issues, emotional and sexual infidelity, and difficulty with communication are all areas of focus.

Couples therapy provides a safe environment for partners to get beyond surface emotions and express deeper feelings. The goal is to develop a greater appreciation and respect for each others desires, dreams and differences.

I am a level three Gottman Couples therapist, and in working with couples I sometimes use an online assessment tool called the Gottman Relationship Checkup. This inventory helps to analyze and identify problem areas in a comprehensive manner. Ask me to tell you more about it if you are interested.

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