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 I hold Masters degrees in both Counseling and Expressive Therapies and I have a combined 18 years of experience in the field of psychotherapy. I bring compassion, humor, and warmth to my work with individuals, couples and families. I am passionate about my work and effective in helping people realize potential for growth.

My life experiences include being born in the midwest and having lived in Canada and on both the East Coast and West coast as for many years. I was married for 25 years and have raised  a family of four children. 

My Approach

 I do an assessment of what the clients needs are and what might work best with each person's individuals needs. I have an eclectic approach, using interpersonal, psychodynamic, Jungian, DBT skills. I am mostly present focused although I do look at each persons individual and family history for information about  intergenerational patterns of trauma or addictions and from the family of origin what the unmet needs of the client might be.  I do individual Skills Training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy  and I am trained in EMDR, a widely recognized protocol for the treatment of trauma. I also sometimes bring sandtray therapy into the mix.

In addition to my formal clinical training I am influenced by mindfulness practice, and the healing power of creativity and nature.

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